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Wood fiber plant

for substrates

Wood fiber plant

for substrates

Wood Fiber Plants for Substrates

Design of a wood fiber plant for substrates production using a Defibrator L32/L36

The best technology to produce wood fiber for substrates

Our wood fiber plants are based in the “DefibratorTM System” type L32/36, designed to produce a high capacity of a homogenous fiber, sanitary safe and ideal for substrates production for the agriculture and gardening.

The Defibrator System, which has achieved a proven reputation in the market, is constantly upgraded with the latest technological advances that allow us to maximize the performance of the process, reducing energy consumption and optimizing fiber quality and production.

*DefibratorTM System is a trademark of Valmet Corporation

Quality substrates

Wood fiber is gaining preference as a mixing component to peat-based substrates in the market.

Recent studies promoted by the French Ministere de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation and Ministère de la recherche et de l’innovation and also funding from Klasmann Deilmann GmbH, confirms the benefits of wood fibre use in peat growing media

“Wood fiber addition in peat-based mixes promoted their ability to rewet. Thus wood fiber allows to limit the risk of hydrophobicity of peat-based mixes and its addition is beneficial, considering de needs of organic, renewable and inexpensive peat alternatives”*

Very profitable

This technology at the present time provides a quick return on investment.  The cost savings in the production of safe and high-quality substrates explain the expansion that it is having in the current market.

Wood is an affordable, abundant and close product that competes with an advantage over other components of the substrates used today, such as coconut fiber or perlite, and provides the most demanding properties such as aeration, retention of water and stability allowing a long-lasting use

*Note: From the article “The Use of Wood Fiber for Reducing Risks of Hydrophobicity in Peat-Based Substrates. Agronomy 2021”

The wood fiber is produced from pine wood classified and clean chips, which are introduced into the pressurized steam Preheater, to soften the lignin by heating the chip during 3 to 4 minutes.

It is the same defibrating process that is used in the production of fiber for MDF boards, which began in the 70s of the last century. This process provides us with a fiber of homogeneous quality, sanitary free and other phytotoxic compounds.

The wood fiber produced with this process provides with the most demanding properties for substrates:

• Water retention capacity

• Improves the physical structure of the substrate

• High aeration capacity

• Produces faster root grow

• Reduce transport costs

• It’s a sustainable timber derived product

• Eco friendly

• Reduce substrates production cost


Wood fiber for substrates

Colored with additives like charcoal

Fiber mixed with peat

Mixed with peat and some color additives depending on the applications

This material has been evaluated by some Spanish Universities as an optimal component for agricultural substrates combined with peat or other vegetal components, compliant with the highest demands for ecologic or environment plants.

A high-value project for the manufacture of substrates

Combines ecology, cost reduction and high product quality

The best technology for fiber

We have the best machines of the market and technology that achieves “the best fiber quality” for substrates application. Our plant can produce a regular fiber quality and quantity along the time.

An expert team

The project is carried out by experts in these machines and the wood defibrating processes, with the participation in the development of the project of our partner, the Spanish engineering company Ingeniería Aplicada 2000, S.L.

Design of a wood fiber plant for substrates production

Our Wood Fiber Plant is based on a DefibratorTM type L32/36 reconditioned by the original manufacturer Valmet, with full guarantee. The whole of the Plant is designed in accordance with the fiber production process of Sunds Defibrator (today Valmet), which has been operating for many years to the full satisfaction of board manufacturers.

The Defibrator System is very flexible in a way that allows us to manufacture the most suitable fiber for each substrate. The fiber quality will be controlled during the plant start-up process according to customer needs.

The Fiber Plant is designed to work continuously 24 hours a day, throughout the year, except temporary stops for maintenance. This allows you to regulate the volume of production by scaling up to large quantities with an accelerated return on investment.

About us

Recently created (2014), Entapa begins its activities by providing consulting services for the pulp and board industry, contributing with its knowledge to the innovation of existing facilities and intermediation with clients to sell their inactive lines or equipment in other markets.

Entapa has specialized in the development of fiber production plants for substrates, backed by the work experience of its team of specialists in MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or DM (Medium Density Board) board plants and in Cellulose and paper.

We have the experience of more than 35 years working in pioneer companies in these industries, such as Sunds Defibrator, Metso and Valmet. We know wood fiber technology well: both its applications and machinery as well as its market.

Our partnership with Ingenieria Aplicada 2000, S.L., allows us to undertake these fiber plant projects, from their basic design to the installation and start up, which include the complete project execution, its legalization and the realization of the Basic project for Authorization and obtaining the Environmental Licence

Our work system is customer-oriented, knowing what their specific needs and growth objectives are, providing solvent technical support at all times, from installation to plant start-up.

Together with our partner IA2000, Entapa Consulting offers its consulting services in the fields of Energy, wood and board. We provide knowledge, experience and planning to search for personalized solutions, adapted to the expectations and needs of each project.

IA2000 has experience in projects for the storage of petroleum and chemical products, calculation of all types of pressure vessels according to International Codes (ASME, AD-Merkblatt, API, CERAP), Energy Installations and Audits, or Industrial Metallic Structures.

We carry out Advice, Studies and Technical Solutions, Legalization Projects and Adaptation to Industrial Regulations, Basic Projects for Environmental Authorization and License, etc.

Wood fiber plant for substrates

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